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How to promote a Facebook Page and gather more fans

For businesses and brands to efficiently communicate about their products or events on Facebook, it is necessary to benefit from a wide network, with engaged users. How to extend your network? What are some techniques that can be deployed to promote a Facebook Page and increase the number of fans? For a business or a professional, a Facebook page can have several objectives:
  • Promote yourself/entity on social media.
  • Advertise your products or actions.
  • Expand your network.
  • Communicate with customers or prospects.

-Learn more: Create a Facebook Page for your Business.
-The creation of a Facebook Page is free! Large or small companies can evenly benefit from being present on the Social network.

A study conducted by Endurance International Group among 600 small enterprises in the United States shows that 90% of them are active on social networks (87% of them are present Facebook).
For a Facebook Page to be efficient, it must has a strong interaction with its fans. A study conducted by US-based Gallup Organization demonstrates that social media can play an important role connecting businesses to consumers:
  • Learn more http://www.gallup.com/strategicconsulting/171734/state-american-consumer.aspx.

By committing themselves to a Facebook page, the fans can:
  • Share the news published on the page
  • Comment or like on the page.

Comments and likes will also allows the company to benefit from better visibility on the social network. A Facebook Page can be used to promote corporate communication, share information about new products or services or show unknown aspects of the enterprise. The communication must be made ??in compliance with an editorial line.
Favour times when the users are most likely to connect.
  • Entice users to respond and comment (call to action).
  • Respond to users who seek information about the company or the brand through the Facebook page.

Note that: Facebook's algorithm only display a small portion of content on the user's newsfeed. The more a user interacts with the page of a company, the more likely he will receive news from the page. Newsletter, website, advertising media and marketing tools ... Several media can be used to promote a Facebook page:
  • Add a link/button to the Facebook page on the company website or blog.
  • Provide direct links to the Facebook page via the news published on the corporate website.
  • Add links to the Facebook page in the newsletter of the company ...

-Learn more about Social Plugins: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins
All communication and advertising media of the company may be used in the promotion of the Facebook Page (logo, URL, QR codes...)
-The URL of a Facebook page can be customized: https://ccm.net/faq/30468-facebook-page-how-to-get-a-custom-url-vanity-url. Facebook is also vector for conducting your advertising campaigns. These campaigns may involve other websites or social networks. This is a solution that allows us to reach a targeted audience: by interest, age, geographic area,... Several specialized websites offer to buy fans for a number of social media, especially Facebook. The average cost can range from:
  • 5 euros for 20 to 30 fans
  • 1 000 euros for 50,000 fans.

However, this practice won't encourage the commitment from the users. This practice may present several risks for a company:
  • The number interactions on the page won't correspond to number of fans,
  • Such action may tarnish the image of the company.

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