How to access Google in your preferred language?

To expand its user base, Google offers users the option to access Google in their preferred language.The multi-language Google website allows the user to choose from any of the available languages to surf the internet.To change the language on Google,users can open Google according to their specific country or area. For example, to surf in French, use to open the webpage. Alternatively, to access Google in a different preferred language, open the website as the default and enter the name of the country where the language is mostly spoken. Google will list all the available languages to choose from.

Google is an American corporation whose main activity is publishing advertising. To expand its numbers of users on a global scale, Google has extended as a multi-language website enabling you to surf in your preferred language. To open Google in the language of your choice, visit the relevant version of the site by changing the suffix at the end of the web address. For example, for the French version, opt for For the German version,

You can also load your local version of Google normally and specify a language in your individual searches. This is particularly useful if you frequently change languages when searching.
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