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VLC - Auto-shutdown PC at the end of a video

Some users may want to find out if it is possible to automatically shut down the PC at the end of a video. A multimedia file is generally a big one and scheduling the shutdown of the PC at the conclusion of the video is of great help to many users. Those interested in this feature of VLC, can get detailed step by step instructions to scheduling the shutdown of the PC automatically after a video file has ended. You will need to create a file and include the multimedia file in the playlist. Some codes also need to be written.

VLC possesses an interesting feature that allows you to schedule the shutdown of your PC at the end of a video.


First of all you must create a file that launches VLC, adds the video you want to view to the playlist and once the playlist is finished, finally turns off the computer. You will need to modify this file with the film (s) you want to see, and run this file.

Creating the file

Right Click/New/Text Document

Within this file, place a small code like this:

C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" C:\film1.avi C:\film2.avi vlc://quit   
shutdown -s -t 60

The first line launches VLC calling vlc.exe. If your installation path is different, change it to match.
film1.avi file and the film2.avi file: are videos to the playlist.
vlc://quit : this line tells VLC to quit after the playlist is finished.

shutdown -s -t 60: intiates the shutdown after 60 seconds (once VLC is closed).

Once this step is completed:
  • Save (CTRL + S)
  • Rename it vlc.bat
  • Run the file vlc.bat . A black window is launched simultaneously with VLC: do not close it.

Cancelling automatic shutdown:

Start/ Run (or Windows key + R)/type cmd/ press Enter
type shutdown -a / press Enter.

It is also possible to create a shortcut on the desktop by putting on shutdown -a as the target link.

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