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Virtual drive for Windows Vista/Windows 7

Daemon Tools is an optical disc authoring program for Microsoft Windows. It is completely compatible with Windows Operating System Vista and early versions of Windows 7. A virtual drive is a file representing a physical disk to an Operating System. Daemon Tool creates a backup of your CD/DVD through virtual drives on your computer that run directly on your hard drive. Virtual drives appear like real ones to the Operating System. To create virtual drives, download Daemon Tools lite to install Daemon Tools: this will enable you to create simple disk image files, compress images and handle your image collection. Run the installer and restart your PC. Click on the Daemon Tools icon and select virtual drive. Select PowerISO image to run as a virtual drive and a new CD/DVD will be detected by Windows automatically.
Daemon Tools 4.30.4 is fully compatible with Windows Vista and early versions of Windows 7 (Daemon Tools does not yet work with the final version of Windows 7: you can use PowerISO to replace).
  • To install Daemon Tools:
  • Download Daemon Tools Lite

  • Run the installer, then when requested, restart Windows
  • After reboot, run Daemon Tools, which appears as an icon in the taskbar
  • Click on the icon, select a virtual drive
  • Select the ISO image to run as virtual drive
  • A new CD/DVD will be automatically detected by Windows

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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