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Facebook provides users with the option to report inappropriate content and facilitates its removal from the internet social networking site. To report a page or group to the Facebook Administrators and request for its removal, the user needs to click on the Report page button at the bottom of the Facebook page. The user will also be required to state the reason they are reporting the content, such as spam, duplicate page on Facebook. Once the content has been reported, Facebook administrators will decide whether or not the page or group should be removed. Generally, the decision is taken within days of reporting a page or group.

If there's a Facebook page that you think deserves to be deleted, here's how to report it to the administrators of Facebook:
  • Go to the Facebook page
  • At the bottom left of this page, click on "Report page".
  • Choose one of the reasons offered:
    • Spam
    • Duplicate
    • Illicit contents
  • Click on "Send".

The page will be removed in the following few days (if the Facebook moderators deem it as necessary).
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