Burn an ISO image on two DVD of 4.7 Gb

It may be necessary to burn an ISO image onto two DVDs. If the DVD capacity is lesser than the total image size, more than one DVD will be required. The issue is commonly faced when multimedia files are large. File utility software such as 7zip can be used to create an archive and separate the file into parts to burn to DVD separately. Downloadable burning software is available for free and can be used to burn an ISO image onto two DVDs. With an ISO image, mount the ISO image on virtual drive.


I have an ISO file, or any type of file larger than 4.7GB, and want to burn it on to two 4.7 GB DVDs


It can be done by creating an archive with 7zip and separating it into two parts. It can then combine them on the computer and extract them to get the original file. If it is an ISO image, just mount it on a virtual drive like daemon tools.

Download links:
  • 7zip: http://ccm.net/download/download-605-7-zip
  • Daemon tool:http://ccm.net/download/download-1168-daemon-tools

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