How to open / read a .RBS file

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.RBS file is the file extension name of a Rebirth Song File.Opening or reading an .RBS file may generate an error message that is common with other file extensions as well. There are, however, still ways by which this error can be skipped and the process can be continued with ease. This type of file can be opened if the extension is edited and changed into .mp3 format. This file will be recognized promptly and with the help of multimedia players, can be opened, as the latter recognizes a file only from the last three characters. The user should however ensure that the 'hide extensions for known file type' option is unchecked.


RBS is a file extension describing Rebirth song files. Here is advice if you are having trouble opening and reading RBS files.


If you want to open the .rbs file, you should note that multimedia players determine file types using the last three characters of the file. You can simply change the file extension manually to .mp3 and this should stop the problem.

Note that: In Folder Options uncheck "Hide extensions for known file type".

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