LG KU990 / LG KU990I: No installation CD or stylus

It will be frustrating if a LG KU 990 is bought online and the phone comes with no installation CD or stylus. A stylus and a USB cable come by default with the KU990 but it is important to note that its lighter version i.e. KU990i does not come with these accessories. As far as the missing installation CD is concerned, the user can still download the requisite software program either through a direct link available online, or from the product website. On the LG site, one can get the link from Manuals & Software Downloads under the Product tab. To install this program, PC sync has to be done through the proper process. Settings in the connectivity tab of the phone should be checked so that the phone can be easily recognized by the PC. Telephony revolutions have arrived and one should reap the benefits from it.


I bought a LG KU 990 online and, upon receiving your phone, I discovered the CD was not included with the phone.


  • If the CD is missing, download the program from: LG website.
  • Or by searching the site (much longer process):
    • Go to the LG website
    • Go to the "Products" tab and click on "Manual & Software"
    • Click on "Go to the Manuals & Software Downloads section"
  • Run the downloaded application
  • Click on CS in the new window that opens
  • Type the EMEI (use the following combitation *#06#)
  • Double click "PC Sync" to install it and then double click on "Driver"
  • You will find in your hard drive a file named LGKU990, in this file you should find the "PC suite"
  • If the phone is not recognized, check the following settings in the "Connectivity" tab:
    • Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Data service

Note that

The stylus and the USB cable come by default with the KU990, but not with the KU990i (light version).

Thanks to audbaz for this tip.

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