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Blizzard - legally download your games

Users of Blizzard video games get a variety of services in addition to the great games they buy. In the event of a user accidentally misplacing or losing their Blizzard gaming disc they can still download and play the game without paying anything extra. For this, they would need to have the CD key and create an account on Battle.net. Once the account is created on Battle.net they can edit their profiles and add the required games to it. To download the game legally one only has to input the CD key.

Have you lost your CD for a Blizzard game, but still you have your CD key?
It is possible to download them for free if you have a valid CD-key game.
Create an account on battle.net

If you do not have one already, it is necessary to create a Battle.net account. To do this, go to https://us.battle.net/
Registration is very easy. An email will be sent to confirm registration.

Add a game to your account
  • Once the account is created, on the user profile page, you will have the following option:
  • Click to add a game to this account.
  • Enter your CD-key

The game will then appear on your account.
  • To download it back, click on the image of the game
  • You will have the option for PC or MAC version

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