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Free Car games

Video games, especially car games have caught the imagination of everyone across the world. Thanks to the internet, game lovers can download and install their favorite car games from dedicated online websites. The high cost involved in the download of these games can prove to be a major turn-off but the good news is that many of these games are available for free. Games like Live for Speed, V Drift, Tile Racer, Ultimate Stunts, Rigs of Rods, TrackMania Nations and Speed Dreams are some car games that are available for free. This is definitely not an all exhaustive list of free car games, but will delight game lovers. It is important, however, to check the compatibility of the game with the operating system of your computer before downloading.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of free car games:

Live for Speed (LFS) Demo

  • Website: http://www.lfs.net/
  • Systems: Windows.
  • Limitations: It's a demo. You have access to 3 maps and 3 cars.

Live for Speed is a very realistic racing game. Features: adjust the tyre pressure, the optimum tyre temperature, wind direction.

V Drift

Website: http:http://vdrift.net/
System: Windows, Mac, Linux
Restrictions: None (download, install, play).

Tile Racer

Ultimate Stunts

Systems: Windows, Linux.
Restrictions: None (download, install, play).

Rigs of Rods

TrackMania Nations

Speed Dreams


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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