Modify the Delete option of the Recycle bin

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You may have noticed with Windows Vista, it happens regularly to delete the Recycle Bin (context menu: Delete) instead of deleting iots content (shortcut

menu: Empty Recycle Bin). Here is a solution for this:

Recovery the recycle bin

While it is easy to recover:
Right click the Desktop/ Customize/Change desktop icons and tick the Recycle bin and click on Apply.

Modifying the Delete option

By changing the line "Delete" from context menu accessible by right click ,you will limit the risk of deleting your Recycle Bin.
For this, we must make a registry change. Exits to repeat, make a backup of it before any change!

This change helps to erase the line "Delete" and add another: "Search ..."

  • To implement the method:
  • copy/paste the script in a Notepad and save it with extension .reg, for example bin.reg.
  • Double click the file.
  • The Registry Editor displays an alert asking you whether to continue. Answer "Yes".
  • The registry editor will point out finally that the change was made successfully!


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Description"="Removes Delete, replaces with Search.."


@="[FindFolder(\\\"%l\\\", %I)]"



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