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PS3 - Sharing files / DLNA Server

The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), commonly known as the Media Server, relates to a format that equips digital gadgets such as PCs, DVRs and TVs to be connected on a network that enables them to exchange media files, connected by DLNA-compatible electronics. You have to ascertain that the type of files accessed are PS3 supported, like movie and video, music, and photos, or the video game console won't be able to read them. DLNA supported gadgets provide two main functions of "servers", they are like computers or a dedicated media server that stores and distributes media. "Clients" are devices that receive and play the PS3. Dual functional gadgets are also available. You can use the PS3 as a client for images, videos, tracks and files, saved on a device with functionalities of the DLNA Media Server on a network.


I am looking for a way to share files between my PlayStation 3 and my PC. I want to establish a DLNA relationship between the PS3 and PC to share a range of files.


  • Make use of PS3 Media Server
    • It is a free application that allows you to encode files and is very stable
    • Just download it, install and run:
    • Download link

Note that

  • This simple software runs on Java 6.
  • In addition, it can encode files. This gives it a big advantage over WMPlayer

Add URL streaming

  • First, obtain the streaming URL
  • This is an address that you can recover easily with Windows Media Player (playing a streamed file) by going to its properties
  • Then, if you have VLC, you can simply add the streaming address to VLC

Manual method

Or, to do it manually:
  • Go to the folder where PS3 Media Server is installed
  • Open the WEB.conf file with Notepad
  • You will find several sections

Add an RSS feed for images

  • There are image feeds, which are the links that point to a list of RSS images like this one:
  • To add such a list, add the following line before #shoutcast and complete it:

Add audio streaming

  • Look for the shoutcast
    • That's where we will put Internet radio stations
  • To add an internet radio station, add this line before #internet tvs:

Add a web TV

  • Use the same method as above, this time adding the extra lines before the #video feeds:
    • videostream.Web,TVs=NAME_OF__CHANNEL,mms://URL_OF_TV_CHANNEL

Add an RSS feed for videos

Add an audio podcast

  • Add this line to the end of the file:

Recurrent bugs

It may be that once you launch a file, the reading speed is reduced by half.
  • In this case, change the audio engine's software and click Restart HTTP server
  • It should now be OK
  • Thanks to DJ Fire-Black for this tip.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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