Wii U - How to enable the standby functions

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Wii U - How to enable the standby functions

This walkthrough will introduce you to the steps of enabling the standby functions of the Wii U console. By enabling this feature you will also allow your console to perform background tasks when not in use (download system updates, add-ons,...).
NB: The Wii U console displays an orange LED when in standy mode.
To enable this feature:
  • Start your Wii U.
  • Tap the Settings button (denoted by a small wrench) of the Wii U gamepad.
  • The System Settings menu will be displayed.
  • Use the left stick of the Wii U gamepad, move to the Power Settings.
  • Select Configure Standby-Functions Setting.
  • Tap on Enable and follow the onscreen instructions.

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