Windows XP Home - add the missing security tab

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Windows XP Home operating system does not have security tabs which allow users to configure and change the rights and permissions for Windows drives and folders. To view, unhide and retain the security tab in Windows XP Home edition operating system you need to use the security configuration manager (SCM) tool which is used to configure security for Windows 2000 based or Windows NT based computers. SCM also executes periodic analysis of the system to ensure that the configuration stays intact. You have to download the SCM tool and install it. Extract the contents on your hard disk and go to the file where SCESP4I.EXE contents are extracted. Right click on setup.inf file and install. Reboot your system after installation. You will now observe the security tab in the properties of the hard drive, folder or file.

[Windows XP Home] - add the missing security tab

Under Windows XP Home Edition, the Security tab is not available for NTFS partitions.

First of all check out if indeed it is an NTFS partition. On FAT32 partitions there are no mechanisms for permission, therefore no Security tab.
  • First Solution

One solution is to restart the computer in Safe Mode to access the Security tab.
  • Second solution

You can add it through the Security Configuration Manager tool from Microsoft download on one of the following addresses:

First of all, create a restore point to be able to restore the system if problems arise.
  • Double-click the file to decompress scesp4i.exe in a temporary directory.
  • Click the right mouse button on the file Setup.inf, then choose "Install".
  • If a dialog box asks you to overwrite the file Esent.dll refuse by clicking on "No to All".
  • Restart the computer after installation.

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