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How to optimize your BtoB marketing campaigns

Trade between businesses can take many forms: the sale of products or services, partnerships... With the advent of social media and content sharing, BtoB marketing techniques have also evolved.
How can companies optimize their BtoB marketing campaigns? What levers can be used to promote the acquisition of new prospects and customers? The term BtoB (or B2B) - means the business relationship (sales of products or services) between two or more companies, that is to say "business to business relationships". BtoB relationships between two companies can take various forms:
  • Service Providers.
  • Suppliers of finished products or raw materials.
  • Business partners.

Such relationships are generally established over the long term. An efficient BtoB marketing strategy will allow the company to acquire new customer and thus increase its sales. A successful BtoB marketing strategy will also help the company to:
  • Optimize the sales from the existing client portfolio.
  • Foster long term relationship with existing customers.
  • Develop relationships with new companies and new partners.

To optimize your BtoB marketing you will need to better define your objectives.
  • Develop the existing portfolio? This goes through the implementation of a better customer retention policy.
  • Find new customers? The search for new contacts and customers requires an active approach.

In both cases, the company needs to work on its online visibility and reputation. A survey conducted by the FEVAD (Fédération E-commerce et Vente à Distance) in November 2013 indicates that the internet is widely used by professional buyers.
  • 95% use the websites of suppliers.
  • 71% refers to newsletters or emails.
  • 26% refer to specialized blogs, forums and social networks.

Source: FEVAD Inbound marketing is a strategy aiming to bring customers to the company, rather than opting for a personal and targeted approach (outbound marketing). It aims to meets the new behaviors of the buyers: the company highlights a product or service on his website, blog or social network.
Several steps are involved:
  • Bringing visitors to the company's website will require quality content and a good SEO.
  • Convert visitors into leads by encouraging them to fill out a contact form
  • Convert prospects into customers.

Learn more: How to create a landing page effective? There are several supports available to enhance the presence of the company on the internet and social networks. These supports must convey the values ?of the company, its expertise and know-how, but also relate to the prospects.
  • The corporate website - showcase the products and services of the company. Promote the values ??of the company.
  • A blog - showcase skill or expertise.
  • Social networks - Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • Professional social networks - LinkedIn, Viadeo,..
  • Specialized forums and blogs.
The use of professional social networks like LinkedIn and Viadeo, can be beneficial to a company.
  • The company can showcase its expertise next to a wide or selected professional audience.
  • The prospects can be identified by their job/profession and geographical location.
  • Professional social networks can be used display/share content for the company's site or blog. This will have positive effects on SEO of such content,

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NB: Online buyers generally rely on information from their own network, but also on what they find on the internet and social networks. To optimize its BtoB marketing strategy the company must always provide relevant content.

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