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How to record a video with your webcam?

The webcam is not simply a tool for video conferencing on Skype or Google Hangouts. You can record video and make a short movie with it.

Some free software

Upon installing the drivers for your new webcam, a small utility allowing you to record video through your webcam, is also installed. The video quality may not be great, but still this feature is quite useful.
You can also choose to record your video with Windows Movie Maker, via the "Capture from video device" option.
From there you can improve or edit the recorded sequence.
On a Mac, the iMovie app also allows you to record videos from your webcam.
Don't forget to configure the parameters of your camera (brightness, sharpness, etc.).

Paid software

There are many programs that have been designed for this purpose. They come with a price, but also with several unique features.

Using the Youtube Record from Webcam feature

  • Record from Webcam: A feature integrated to Youtube, allowing you to record a video using your webcam and publish it on the video streaming platform.

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