Video: Edit image (rotoscoping)

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The rotoscoping is a technique of editing a video frame by frame.

You can perform actions ,like, adding, deleting or modifying an item on the video.
Using this techique you can add some effects or animations to your movie.

Some software for rotoscoping
  • After Effects
  • Commotion (Puffin Design)
  • Paint (Discreet Logic)
  • Aura (Newtek)
  • TVPaint (TVPaint Development)
  • Softimage


  • Place the sequence in the timeline.
  • Select the object to rotoscope (with the pen tool for example in After Effects). It is advisable to work with multiple layers, even if you are modifying a single item.
  • Move the clock on another image and adjust the layer (as the object moved, the masks must also be moved or deformed) to this action as many images as needed.
  • Once the layers are defined, make the changes, using the desired effect (filters).

Thanks to RégisG for this tip.

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