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Social media statistics for businesses - The key performance indicators

Social networks have changed the way companies interact with their customers and prospects. Businesses of all sizes are present on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. To experience the best from these new modes of communication, a company must define a solid "social media" strategy. This process involves the analysis of the statistics from the social networks. What are the challenges encountered by companies? How to access these statistics?

A company may be present on several social networks:
  • Social networks with a wide audience like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Social networks like Pinterest and Instagram which specialize in photo or video sharing.
  • Professional social networks such as LinkedIn and Viadeo.

In order to choose the most suitable social network to develop the online presence of a business or brand, several aspects are to be considered:
  • The target audience
  • The type of information the company want to disseminate.

Once the communication and marketing objectives have been defined and selected the appropriate social channels.
The management of social networks must also go through a statistical analysis of shared content (identify the key performance indicators). These indicators once analyzed, will help you to:
  • Make the message more relevant
  • Optimize the format of the message so that it generates more commitment from the fans or subscribers
  • Select the peak hours for sharing messages on social networks in order to reach the widest possible audience.

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KPIs are the "Key Performance Indicators". These indicators provide information about the return on investment on social networks. They also allow you take the appropriate actions. Several key indicators can be taken into account:
  • The visibility: is the message visible? What is the number of interaction compared to number of views?
  • Acquisition: From where the visitors come from? What levers are the most effective, and can they be optimized further?
  • Recommendation: This may be an indication of a good customer satisfaction. The which extent the subscriber or fan recommend the business, service or product on a social network? This recommendation rate can be measured by the number of times the message has been shared.
  • Commitment: Is the community active? What is the number of "likes", comments or votes?
  • The message tone: How did the fans or subscribers reacted to the message? Was it in a positive, negative or neutral way? These stats can help to improve the image of the company on social networks.

Facebook provides pages administrators with comprehensive analysis tools. They are accessible via the "statistics" tab. The available stats:
  • The number of "like" on the page.
  • Scope of publications and involvement of users (comments, shares,...).
  • The number of visits, the tabs and external SEO sources.
  • Scope and commitment rate on each publication.
  • Demographic information about the subscribers of the page.

These statistics can be exported and analysed.

Twitter accounts

The Twitter Analytics tool can be accessed from this link: https://analytics.twitter.com/
  • monitor the performance of a tweet in real time.
  • compare of number of impressions.
  • monitor the engagement and number of retweets.
  • get statistics for each tweet.


LinkedIn the professional social network includes a tool for audience measurement and performance for business pages.
Several statistics are available:
  • commitment level of the subscribers.
  • the range of publication.
  • acquisition of new subscribers.
  • qualitative data.

Several applications can aggregate the content from multiple social networks. They also offer their own statistical tools.
  • This is the case of Hootsuite, which facilitates the control and management of several social profiles via a single dashboard.
  • Over-Graph is also an interesting alternative for the management and analysis of social media statistics.

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