How to take video with your iPhone 3G

April 2018

The iPhone 3G allows users to make and edit videos on 3G telephony devices. There is no need to jailbreak the iPhone and install separate third party software to make videos. Jailbreaking is not recommended as it is illegal and violates copyright laws. It is easy to make videos with an iPhone 3G. The camera interface on the phone has to be touched once, when shooting video needs to begin. To edit videos, simply tap on the screen when the video clip is playing. The editing tool provides very basic functionalities to edit the sequences to make a video with iPhone 3G.


A new feature of the iPhone 3G S, is that you can record and edit videos directly on the iPhone. This was previously only possible by (illegally) jail breaking your iPhone.

Record a video

To start recording, simply touch the camera interface on the iPhone. The white balance is done automatically, and the iPhone record at a rate of 30 frames per second, enough to publish your video on Youtube or Dailymotion.

Edit your movie

After recording your video, you can edit it. The edit features are not especially powerful but enough to cut sections out and trim it to the length you want. To do this, put the video in play and tap your screen to display the edit tool. Then delete the images you want to get rid of.
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