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Create a Facebook page for your business purposes

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platform, with over 500 millions members around the world. Many brands have started using this platform to promote their products via the fan pages and this can be of great use to small and medium business, as creating a page on Facebook is totally free.
Creating a Facebook page may meet several objectives. You must clearly define want you want to achieve upon creating this page. Among the most common goals, you can:
  • Recruit on Facebook
    • Some companies do not hesitate to create a page dedicated to Human Resource.
  • Find client and partners
    • By communicating on the activity of your company and its needs, you can also find clients or financial partners on Facebook.
  • Advertising
    • Promote your products or services.

You need to start having a Facebook account, from which you create your or your page (s). Creating a page is free and you can remove it at any time. Visit a fan page and click on "Create my page. Then you arrive on the page creation interface: you must choose a visual to illustrate your page, it may be your logo or your company name. A miniature of your logo will be created and will appear when you update your status. At the end of the process, click on "Submit your page" to activate it.

Note that you can change the structure of your page and add items by clicking "Edit your page, just below the photo page. You can edit the page as many times as desired.
You are allowed grant permissions to members of your page. You can allow them to comment on your articles, post links, photos or videos, submit comments and messages on the forums. Like any social network, Facebook is intended to be interactive, so it is advisable to allow members to perform these actions. However, if you consider that your business is sensitive, you can restrict certain features.
Once you've created your page, feel free to publish news of your business by writing articles or posting links to your site. Publishing photographs and videos will also boost your popularity. Commercial companies may post their promotions before.
When your page is created, you have to "recruit" fans for your page. To do this, do not hesitate to suggest to your friends on Facebook become a fan of the page. Communicate as much on the existence of your page to the outside by inserting a "badge" on your site or by inserting the address of your page in your email signature.

Facebook also provide a module for advertising (note that you will be charged for this service).

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