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How to create photo collages for Instagram

How to create photo collages for Instagram


Instagram is a social network where you can easily share photos and videos from your smartphone. You can apply filters to your photos before uploading them. The Instagram app does not allow the creation of photo collages. The solution is to use another application to create collages on your smartphone and post them on Instagram. There are many applications for this purpose and some are free. Here's a non-exhaustive list:

InstaPic Frames

InstaPic Frames allows you to edit photos with a number of filters and also create picture collages. You can choose from the several layouts and frameworks proposed by the application. InstaPic Frames allows you to create pictures in a square format (600x600px). You don't need to crop the image when you import it to Instagram.
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Fotor is a complete photo editing tool. Fotor integrates a camera app supporting multiple shooting modes, a comprehensive photo editing mode and tools to create photo collage.

Collage Shaper and Shape collage

Collage Shaper (for iPhone) and Shape Collage (for Android) allow you to create collages with fun shapes like stars, hearts etc ....

Publishing your collage on Instagram

  • Create your collage with the application of your choice.
  • Save it to your photo gallery.
  • Open Instagram and click the camera icon.
  • Tap on the gallery button (with little squares) and choose your collage.
  • NB: Fotor and InstaPic Frames allow you to directly publish your photos on Instagram.

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