How to promote your content on SoundCloud

March 2018

How to promote your content on SoundCloud

SoundCloud allows you to promote your musical creations. Here's how to get started!

Follow people (Following)

Use the right keywords to find people sharing the same musical taste as you. Soundcloud allows up to 2000 follows per account and you need to be selective when picking

up someone to follow.
Here are some rules:
  • Following to many people in a short period of time can get you banned for a couple of days.
  • Trying to add someone you recently unfollowed, may get your banned too.

To avoid getting banned/blocked on SoundCloud, read this:

Get followed on SoundCloud

  • By following other people on SoundCloud, you will encourage them to do the same.
  • Make regular updates to keep your stream "alive" and improve your stats
  • Publish high definition content - SoundCloud gives you 180 minutes (free account) to host your audio files (there's no limitation on the file size)


  • A user can share one of your creation on his stream. If the user has a lot of friends or is popular, it will help to promote your songs!

Create groups

An effective promotion method, which, however requires some particular care.
  • Each song can accessed by a maximum of 75 groups.
  • Search for groups corresponding to spefici criteria or style, using the Groups filter:

You can join any number of groups, there's no limitation.
You can view and manage groups by clicking on the Groups menu

You can now add songs to your groups:

Contacting SoundCloud

SoundCloud Help Page: Help/suppport

Promotion on other social networks

  • You can share your creations on Facebook and Twitter.


  • Update your social profiles based on the activities performed on SoundCloud :
  • As a concrete example: When you "like" a post on SoundCloud, IFTTT can automatically post a message on your Facebook Page or Twitter.
  • IFTTT provides several other interesting recipes for SoundCloud users!


  • Hashtag, # can boost the number of views of your posts.
  • By inserting the right hashtags, your messages will be automatically redirected to the appropriate Hashtag channel (#Artist_name, #RnB, #Band,...).
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