Change Region codes of a DVD drive

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It may happen that you need to change the region codes of your DVD drive/player/recorder in order to view a certain DVD.

Nowadays many video discs may are encoded with a region code restricting the area of the world in which they can be played.

Change the region code of your DVD drive

  • Start,
  • Right click on My Computer
  • In the device manager,
  • Go to the category CD/DVD
  • Right click on your player
  • Properties
  • DVD Region tab,
  • You only have to select the desired region.

Changing region is a limited to a number of times. When the number of changes remaining reaches zero, you can not change it, even reinstalling

Windows or installing the DVD in another computer, it won't change anything.

Windows Installer- Error 1721
Automatic configuration of wireless network : Error 1068