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Google Analytics - The key indicators

The data provided by Google Analytics allows website publishers, marketing and SEO specialists to analyze the behavior of Internet users (visitors, prospects or buyers). But the use these statistics goes beyond the knowledge of your audience. They also provide a guideline to adapt your content and meet specific goals. How to use Google Analytics to increase the audience of your professional website, or increase your conversion or sales? Google Analytics is a tool for analyzing audience with precise and detailed statistics. It's free. With this tool you can track the traffic sources, user behavior and other vital information. By analyzing this data, you can adapt the content of the site so that it meets the expectations of the internet users.
Several aspects of your website can be improved:

  • Content analysis to provide a better user experience.
  • Social network analysis to determine the interactions between social networks and the content from your website.
  • Conversion analysis to determine the behavior of internet users on the site.
  • Performance analysis of your advertising campaigns (Adwords campaigns).

How users behave on a website? Which pages they visit and how long they stay on the pages? How do they navigate on the site?
Several indicators can be used to answer these questions:

  • The most visited pages - gives information about the average time spent on each page.
  • Comparison of the landing pages and exit pages,
  • The paths taken by users on the site.

NB: These indicators are specified in the Behavior tab > Site Content section. It is possible to combine information about the user behavior in custom dashboards.

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The "Acquisition" tab provides additional information about internet user: SEO (search engines), referring websites, social networks or sponsored links(AdWords campaigns) ...
To check the relevance of your SEO compared to the demands of users, it is recommended to complete the analysis using the Google Webmaster Tools. For the company operating on the internet, a better understanding of Internet user behavior is essential: what are the steps involved when making a purchase? How to optimize this behavior and increase the conversion rate?

The web analytics provided by Google allows you to identify the steps taken by a user during the purchase or conversion process. They also allow you to optimize the costs of advertising campaigns. These campaigns can be made in several forms, on various digital channels: AdWords campaigns, affiliate websites, e-mail campaigns ... The multi-channel funnels feature can be accessed via the "Conversion" tab of Google Analytics. They allow you to view all marketing channels on one dashboard.

The multi-channel funnels have several roles:

  • Get an overview of the steps followed by the user during a purchase or conversion process.
  • Improve marketing actions based on channel performance.
  • Adapt future campaigns based on these results.

The reports provided in the "multi-channel funnels" tab indicates the channels with which users interacted during the last 30 days, preceding the conversion or purchase.

Using this information, you can determine how long it took for a user to complete a purchase, or the number of times he visited a specific channels. The conversion goals will vary from one professional site to another. It can take the form online quote, purchase, a contact ...
Google Analytics can track this data in two forms:

  • Goal conversions - downloads, subscription to a newsletter ..
  • Ecommerce conversions - purchases

These goals must be defined in the Google Analytics interface. This data may also be analyzed along with the multichannel funnels. Linking AdWords and Google Analytics will unlock several features:

  • Check the performance of your AdWords reports in Google Analytics,
  • Import Google Analytics goals to your AdWords account
  • Import statistics from Google Analytics to your AdWords account
  • Access retargeting (or remarketing) functions
  • Update the information from multi-channel funnels - This feature help us to better understand what happens when users click on ads. The statistics on site traffic and conversions are more detailed.

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