How to read a .RAR files?

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The RAR format developed by Roshal comes with a file extension name of .RAR. RAR are data containers that can store files in the compressed format. For data recovery and file spanning, this data compression file format can be of great help. One can open .RAR files with the help of the WinRAR file system that can open and decompress these files too. SuperNZB is another software that can be used for the same purpose. This freeware, however, works with Max OS X.

RAR is a data compression format developed by Roshal. This file format can be used for data recovery and file spanning.

The RAR format is now widely used. There are several free software to decompress RAR files.
Here is a list (the software are ranked from most to least known):

Under MacOS:
If you are running Max OS X, superNZB is freeware which allows you to decompress .rar files efficiently.

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