How to clean your Mac

Your Mac is experiencing slowdowns! It does not necessarily means that it is too old or damaged, the hard disk might be full!
Before buying a new one, try to free up some disc space. Here are some tips to help you clean your Mac. As a first step you can remove any unnecessary default app provided with your Mac: iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand. They take a lot of space on your disk and there is no need to keep them if you don't use them. Time Machine is a tool that allows you to backup and restore your files. Time machine is very useful, but takes up a lot of storage on your hard drive. You can always backup your files on a cloud storage service (Dropbox, iCloud) or an external hard drive. By disabling Time Machine, you can recover between 100GB and 1TB of space.
Here's how:

  • Open a terminal and type the following command:
    • sudo tmutil disablelocal
  • Enter your username and password when prompted.

CleanMyMac as the name already suggest is a program designed to clean your Mac. It cleans the cache, removes unnecessary files, deletes empty folders,... When you have many files, consider archiving the ones you no longer use. The procedure is as follows:

  • Right-click on the record or file
  • Select Create Archive or Compress.
  • A ZIP file will be created, you can store it on your computer, transfer it to an external drive or iCloud.

For older versions of Mac OS X, the system automatically run maintenance scripts at night (when your Mac is not in use).
You can also use a third party software such as OnyX, which is fully customizable.

To perform a manual cleanup:

  • Open a terminal and type the following command:
    • sudo periodic daily weekly monthly
  • Enter your username and password.

Your iPhone or iPad performs automatic backups ... Here is how to remove them:

  • Go to: Application Support > MobileSync > Backup Folder.
  • Remove your old backup files (but keep the recent ones)

To remove update files:

  • Go to: Finder > Library > iTunes > iPhone > Software Updates.
  • Remove any unnecessary files.
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