How to convert DOCX to DOC format

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How to convert DOCX to DOC format

You have received or created a DOCX file and you are not able to export to DOC format?
Here is a free and easy way to change the format of your document:


OpenOffice is a free office suite:
This is a free alternative to the Microsoft Office suite, allowing you to create or export your documents in different formats.
The procedure is as follows:
  • Download and install OpenOffice.
  • Open the file you want to convert with OpenOffice.
  • Click on the File menu > Save as.
  • Choose .doc from the dropdown list.

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

If you have an older version of Word (2003 or earlier), it won't support DOCX files. There is a very simple solution, you can download the Compatibility Pack for Microsoft Office (2000, 2003) from this link:
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