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Properly install a Sagem BT SH1 Bluetooth headset

When a Sagem BT SH1 Bluetooth headset is configured with handsets it works fine. But it creates problems while reading DivX with Windows Media Centre or Media Player as a lot of audio interruptions occur. When the same Bluetooth headset is tested with MSN, no sound is played. One needs to start the headset in association mode by continuously pressing the side button until the icon blinks. One must then alter the Bluetooth settings after searching the device and give 8888 as the encryption key value. After this alteration, the Sagem Bluetooth headset should work properly.


Upon buying a Sagem BT SH1 Bluetooth headset and testing it, you found that despite it working well with your phone or when listening to music or watching videos on your PC, you have problems when trying to read a DivX with Media Player or Windows Media Centre (there are a lot of audio interruptions).

And when testing your heaset on MSN, it's even worse: there is no sound at all.


Start the headset using the side button, keep pressing it until it blinks (association mode).
Go to Bluetooth settings and search for devices. Once found, double-click on it and choose the option to choose encryption key. Then enter 8888 as the value.

The headset is now connected and will work properly.

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