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Urmpi is a management tool (for packages) developed by Mandriva. You can install different software, delete, or update the distribution. It can also search packages that can be install on many media, such as installation cd, websites, or network share. It acts as a sub-layer to the RPM utility and attempts to automatically manage dependencies.
Source: wikipedia

A "Media" is a server that contains one or more packages (software or libraries). It has the advantage of allowing the installation of software directly via the Internet, without requiring any CDRom. Similarly, it is very convenient for updates.

Easy Urpmi:

  • Easy Urpmi website offers the opportunity to access many packages
  • You just have to click on Add the official media and then you can also Add PLF media.
  • At each step,you will have the opportunity to either "run" either or "save" the package.
  • Once finished you can go in your Mandriva Control Center (MCC) and start checking updates.

Configure the media

  • Go to your Mandriva Control Center in the Software Management tab you must select Configure the sources for installation and update software.
  • Simply select the desired media.

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