Convert a webpage to PDF format with BullZip PDF Printer

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Convert a webpage to PDF format with BullZip PDF Printer

While browsing the web, you come across an interesting article/posts you want to keep. You can either save the webpage to your favorites or print it... These two solutions are not necessarily the best! If you want to share an interesting article with your contacts via email or save a copy on your PC, you can always opt for the PDF format!

This article describes two simple, but effective methods: The first one using the BullZip-PDF-Printer software and the other one through an online service.


BullZip PDF Printer is a free software that acts as a "virtual" printer. It allows you to create PDF files out of your documents and webpages.
  • Download and install BullZip-PDF-Printer.
  • Open the webpage you want to export to PDF.
  • Open the Print menu of your web browser (CTRL + P).
  • Select the Printer/Destination. In our case we will select the Bullzip PDF Printer.
  • Click on Print.
  • Give a name to your PDF file and select the destination folder.
  • Click on Save to confirm.

Create PDF files using an online service

HTML2PDF is an online service that allows you convert any web page to PDF, without the need to install any software on your computer.
  • Click on the Download your PDF link.

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