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Introduction to Facebook At Work

In addition to allowing friends and family to reconnect and stay in touch socially, Facebook is also available in a professional version called Facebook At Work. Launched in early 2015, this collaborative tool was built to serve as both an internal social network, as well as a way for long-distance colleagues to share files and collaborate on projects.

This article will walk you through some of the solutions offered by Facebook At Work and present some of the benefits of using the social network in your place of business. The internal social network is based on the same principles as a public social network: share information within a defined sphere, invite contacts to events, communicate around a topic, share documents ... thus providing several advantages for internal communication and collaboration:
  • Provide a friendly social platform to employees,
  • Facilitate the exchange of informal information
  • Get online support through the internal social network.

There are several ways for the company to benefit from the opportunities offered by the social platforms:
  • Discourage employees from using other social networks during their working hours.
  • Use the social network to improve communication at all levels (telework, collaborative tasks,...)

The establishment of a social network in business can lead to increased productivity and responsiveness! Facebook At Work meets the demand of professionals who want to set up an internal social network. The environment is known and understood by the majority of employees,
- The social network is free and does not require the installation of resource intensive software.
- Additional collaborative tools can later be offered on the platform.

Some drawbacks have been identified:
- The role of advertising on Facebook At Work is still unknown
- The establishment of this type of solution can be time consuming for employees
- The information posted on Facebook At Work do not benefit from the same level of security as the one provided by an internal solution or dedicated software. The interface of Facebook At Work may look familiar: events, news feed containing the information shared by the members of the network, Facebook groups, messaging ...
But still there are several points that differ:
  • The Facebook At Work account of each employee is independent of their personal Facebook account
  • Information is relayed only in a network defined by the company,
  • The company retains control and access to all the shared information.

Facebook nevertheless reports that the transition from one account to another is easy! Facebook At Work is currently being deployed. Companies wishing to access this service should therefore submit their request: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/827299783957064

A Facebook At Work social network can be accessed through a URL of this type: [name of company].facebook.com
The company can choose which employees can access it, as well as their usernames and roles.
  • NB: A test version of the Facebook At Work mobile app is offered on iOS.
Facebook At Work highlights the internal use only of the network. It is neither visible nor accessible to users outside the company. Shared information from the business account is visible to all employees of the company. The visibility of each post can be modified accordingly. Employees can customize their profile picture and cover photo, but the other information (name, position and contacts) will be filled by the company. At the time of registration, it is possible to link a personal Facebook account to Facebook At work. In this way, the transition from one account to another will be facilitated. Information shared on the public social network will not be visible on Facebook At Work. There exist several similar solutions to create an internal social network for the company:
  • Yammer: information sharing by employees, instant messaging, applications ...
  • SocialCast: social collaboration, mobile access, project management, instant messaging ...
  • Slack: internal communication, information sharing ...

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