Windows does not start. What to do

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Windows does not Start! What to do

If your Windows does not start, this tip is for you! It brings together different methods and links to try to recover your data, or better, have your PC run again.

Windows Casse

Restore Windows to an earlier date

When you start your computer, tap the F8 key (F5 on some models) and run your computer in Last Known Good Configuration or in Safe Mode.

The PC boots into safe mode with networking

  • If, despite the restoration, the PC can boot into safe mode but not normal mode, there is probably a hardware or software conflict or infection, if you recently installed software or hardware to uninstall see if your computer starts normally. Then try to scan your computer with your disinfecting software (antivirus ...) as well as online antivirus.
  • If the PC still does not start normally:

download LogonFix and run the executable and that's it. (Nothing happens on the screen, no confirmation) and then restart the PC normally.

Download link here
  • If the problem persists, ask for help on the CCM Forum.

Repair Windows from a CD or USB drive containing Windows

Windows XP

Click on this link

Windows Vista


Windows 7

Windows 7 Create a system repair USB key

Create a System Repair disk

Windows 8

Windows 8 - Create and use a recovery disk

Repair from a boot disk

(Version XP and earlier only)
To use a boot disk, you must start the computer from the floppy disk (if necessary configure the BIOS putting floppy / disk in the first position and not CD).

Repair from command prompt

Note the spaces between certain characters, if you forget the command will not work.

If the Windows disk containing the C: drive

chkdsk c: / f / r

and is validated by the "Enter" key. If the drive was to analyze is e we would typed:

chkdsk e: / f / r

and "Enter"

When the repair is completed the command prompt returns to its home line. Type "Exit" and press the "Enter" key to exit

Use the repair console under Vista / 7

  • If your operating system is Vista, download the repair console for Vista.
  • If it is Seven, download one for Seven.

Use Antivirus Live CD

If you suspect the presence of a virus, Antivirus Live CD containing start directly from the CD without using Windows, to scan your computer and eliminate infections. You must start the computer from the CD by changing the boot order in the BIOS.

To change the boot sequence, see this link

Use a Live Repair CD

Hiren's BootCD

Hiren's BootCD is a system utility as a bootable CD that includes everything you need in case of failure with his PC, be it viral, backup or data recovery, archive management , hard drive, etc.

Hiren's BootCD download

Connect the hard drive to another computer or add a disk to the computer

  • You can connect your hard drive to another computer, Slave drive in a docking station, or external drive with a USB adapter, and so fetch your data and try to repair it (disinfect, delete software, drivers ...)
  • To repair a Windows drive, go to Computer (desktop) and click the right mouse button on the drive to repair, then go to properties, then in the Tools tab and Error Checking
  • To disinfect analyze the disk with your antivirus.
  • Otherwise, you can add a new hard drive in your computer where you install Windows or Linux. You start over and try to recover data from the disk (infected ...) placed disc "slave" or USB.
  • You can then format the disk and reinstall your operating system or restore it if it has been repaired (disinfected ...)

==Blue screen (BSOD): help solving the problem

Here it is

Disk Image

If you made an image of your system with windows or software like Norton Ghost, Acronis true Image DriveImage XML ... you can restore the pc from the image. But all data not saved after that image will be lost unless you saved them on other media.

Reinstall Windows

Warning: reinstalling Windows will erase all personal data on the formatted partition.
If you have multiple partitions and you are in a format to reset Windows, only that partition is deleted, the other is intact but may still contain infections.

Note: If you have formatted your computer without recover all your personal documents, there is software to try to recover your data.

Here is a list

Hardware Problem

Often responsible for crashes, RAM is easy to verify using software such as memtest see this link:
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