UsbFix - How to clean an infected USB drive

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UsbFix - How to clean an infected USB drive

There's are viruses that propagate through USB drives. In this page you will learn how to clean infected USB drives, using a free utility called UsbFix.
UsbFix can remove malwares from your external hardrives, smartphones, cameras , USB drives....etc

The procedure is as follows:
  • Download UsbFix.
  • Double-click on UsbFix.exe to launch the program.
  • Accept the EULA.

  • Here's the main menu:

  • At this point you will need to temporarily disable your antivirus software.
  • Now connect the infected drive and click on Research:

  • Once the scan is completed, a report will be generated.
    • NB: Post it on the security forum if you need help.
  • Once the threats have been identified, you can clean your system:
  • Close any opened program (web browser, documents,.....)
  • Open UsbFix and click on Clean.
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