Social networks - How to launch your advertising campaigns

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Social networks provide new channels to promote brands and build customer relationship. They have change the way brands and businesses interact with users, but have also cause the emergence of a new form of advertising on social networks: Sponsored Publications.

As for any advertising campaign, sponsored publications are an important aspect of the marketing strategy of the company: what are the challenges and issues? How to choose the right social network and how to set your goals?
Corporate presence on social networks has become a vital part of the overall marketing strategy of any company.
Based on the current needs and budget of the company, this strategy may include advertising campaigns on social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest). These efforts are made possible through the various services offered by these platforms.
Through sponsored publications a company or brand can:
  • Highlight its presence on the social networks.
  • Stand out from its competitors by emphasizing over expertise, products or particular services.
  • Target mass audiences by leveraging the databases of social networks by interests, by network, by age, by gender or location.
Before launching your advertising campaign, you should choose the right social network. Your choice will mainly depend on:
  • The target audience.
  • Which social network will offer a greater online reach for the publications.
  • The social network(s) that best meet the objectives of the brand?.

Learn more: Choosing the right social channel for your business! The campaign can meet several objectives:
-To increase awareness of the social account or the page, by increasing the number of fans and subscribers...
-Give more visibility to a product or information
-Generate traffic to the website of the company or specific page (survey, landing page,...).
-Encourage conversion (purchase, contact, downloading of mobile app ....)
Some platforms, such as Twitter, allows you to adapt the ads campaigns based on specific objectives! Facebook integrates several advertising solutions on its platform:
  • Ads in the right column with the integration of an image.
  • Sponsored publications that appear in the newsfeed of the targeted users.
  • Video advertising the newsfeeds (target audience).

How does it work?:
  • Choose your ad
  • Target your audience based on location, gender, age, habits, interests, circle of friends: Facebook allows very precise audience targeting.

How much does it cost?
  • Pay per click (CPC).
  • Pay on display (CPM - cost per thousand impressions).

Analyse the impact of your ads: Ads campaigns on Twitter take the form of sponsored tweets. Since August 2014, Twitter has enriched its advertising solutions with video.
How does it work?
  • Select the type of campaign: sponsored tweets, sponsored account, sponsored trend or videos
  • Select your target audience according interests, keywords,....
  • Twitter can create a campaign around specific goal: contacts or interaction, encourage users to click or install an application ...

How much does it cost?
  • Pay for performance, depending on the number of actions performed and the chosen target: retweets, new subscribers, clicks, installation of app, contacts obtained..
  • The cost of the video is determined by the number of clicks and the number of views.

Analyse the impact of your ads:
  • Twitter provide statistical analysis tool. Applied to advertising campaigns, it helps to determine the conversion or commitment rate of Internet users.
Pinterest is a social network dedicated to image sharing. Shared images can be commented and shared by other users. Since January 2015, the social network offers sponsored campaigns. The term used by Pinterest is "Promoted pins".
How does it work?
  • Select a pin for a particular campaign,
  • Select your target audience according interests, age, location.
  • Promoted pins are then visible in search results and in relevant categories.

How much "Promoted Pins" costs?
  • Cost per thousand impression (CPM)
  • Cost per click (CPC)

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