Facebook Profile Picture: 10 Tricks to Stand-out

It's not easy to find the perfect photo for your Facebook profile. The wrong angle, bad lighting, unfortunate composition, mundane content-it can be hard to hit the right tone. Here are some tips so that your friends see you at your best.

The Posed Portrait

You have the chance to have a photographer friend or you yourself are pretty good.
Take the opportunity to do some posed portraits, outdoor, studio, etc. This is surely the best way to see you in a beautiful light. Like most portraits, choose a standard lens (50-85mm) rather than the wide angle which tends to deform the face. A blurred background also has the advantage of good detach from the decor. The black and white adds a little something that will set you apart from others.

Your Profile on a Poster

On a leaflet, framed in a museum, on a poster or 4x3 on a main road in New York. Photofunia gives you the opportunity to finally be the star you dream of being (well do not get too excited though, it is only a picture). The advantage is that no registration is required, sending the picture is quick and esy. Many effects to choose, just send the image to validate the effect and save. Some effects allow you to write any word, name, slogan, or your mood.

The Cut Portrait

Certain users took advantage of the new website interface. Instead of using only the left photo, the five small thumbnails on your wall can be used and coordinate with your photo.
These five pictures are the latest images you've been tagged.
Sites that offer this service, as Fbcrop or picscatter are simple to use and even offer to put themselves these pictures on your profile.

Vintage Portrait

You certainly have an artistic soul within you, of course, look within. Vintage portrait, or polaroid holga are back in fashion. Online editing sites and smartphone applications are popping up everywhere. Transform your photographs in an original format becomes easy with the colors a bit washed out, well supported vignetting and all own charm to the pre-digital era.
If you master editing software, have fun to do yourself and determine the quantity of effects to your liking.

Photo Series

Budding photographers are rarely stuck for idea to have fun with their profile photos. Photo series is a perfect example: use the same framing, by taking pictures in a different setting. In the example in series, the photographer had fun to take pictures in different places, but retaining the same frame.

The Sport Person

The network is also a perfect exhibition to show you in a different light. Your friends, your colleagues do not necessarily see you during your sporting achievements. Feel free to add one little control its image is a little part of the game too.
Choose a sport a bit unusual, if not extreme, the image will interest more than if you do a jog or a petanque (boules though also has its fans).

The Artist

With your musical instrument or your camera, your artistic soul can be a major asset in your virtual social success (another opportunity to add a little).
Whether on a Stage in Las Vagas or in your makeshift workshop, a photo of you in full creation will show that you can do something ridiculous that joining groups full of spelling mistakes.
Note: The people shown in the photos are real musicians.


What better to have your friends rage for a long 10 day trip to Australia? So share this unforgettable image, feet in the water with your best tan. Even if you have had rain during your stay, put it anyway, your friends will be happy to make fun of your vacation while they were stuck in the office.

Group Picture

Facebook is primarily a social network of friends. What's more normal than to show with your entourage during the various outputs to which you participated.
The group photo is good humor and transcribe this beautiful cohesion that existed at that time, a nice souvenir photo with broad smiles is nicer (at least, is that you have to believe all the people who were not present).

The Caricature

For the timid or those who do not want to show their face to the planet web 2.0, the caricature is a simple and effective alternative. Many sites offer to set up your own character, so Manga, South Park, Simpsons, etc.

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