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Windows XP - Transferring files via Bluetooth

The Windows XP operating system allows file transferring through Bluetooth to and from the computer system to a mobile device. The free utility that comes with the Windows XP operating system can be accessed with the fsquirt command. The command opens an utility that allows users to select the files and send it to the chosen remote device. For faster operations, the mobile device can be paired with the computer so that authentication and authorization procedures are not required for every Bluetooth file transfer. The utility can detect automatically if the Bluetooth of the computer is enabled or not when transferring files via Bluetooth.

Windows XP possesses an interesting utility that allows you to transfer data via Bluetooth. It is very handy if you want to send music and pictures from computer to my mobile devices.


First of all make, sure that your PC or laptop is equipped with a Bluetooth device and that the drivers are installed.

Accessing the utility:

This free Bluetooth utility comes along with XP.
To access it:
  • Start/Run and type

  • Press OK to validate

Transferring Data

  • On the first window that appears, click Next
  • On the next window, you have the choice of receiving or sending a file, choose depending on your purpose.
  • In the next Window select the file you want to send/receive. Note that at this stage, Windows will automatically detect if your Bluetooth is enabled.

Note that: depending on your phone model you can set your PC as "Paired Device" for quicker data transfer.

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