Social networks - Promoting your business during a trade fair/expo/event

April 2018

Besides providing new communication and marketing channels for the company, social networks can also be used to highlights other aspects relating to the company/brand. This is particularly the case for trade fair or expos!

What are the challenges? How can a company use social media to achieve its goals? What are the best practices to adopt on social networks while participating in a trade fair? Social media offer new communication platforms for the company. They also allow brand to communicate around a specific event (trade fair, business conference,....). Choosing the right social network(s), along with the right audience will be crucial to the company or brand. The challenges are as follows:
-Improve online visibility of the company/brand in connection to a specific event.
-Demonstrate the company's expertise.
-Create an online relationship with prospects.
-Increase the number of physical visits to the company's stand.
The strategy adopted by the company on social media must be integrated to the overall marketing and communication campaign made in connection to the event, along with the company's web strategy (derive long-term benefits). Different social media can be involved around an event:
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest ...
  • Social networks related to geolocation: Swarm (formerly Foursquare)
  • Professional Social Networks: Viadeo, LinkedIn, Google Plus ...

Nevertheless, you should be careful not to increase the media load. Social networks on which the company will express itself before and during the show must be chosen prior to the event.
Here are some guidelines to make the right choice:
  • What is the target audience for the event?
  • Which social networks are put forward by the organizers?
  • To which extent can they disseminated information?

Points to remember:
  • Rely on social networks on which the company has already developed its own community,
  • Adapt the choice of social networks to the target audience
  • Take into account the financial and human resources available: the animation of social networks around an event may require a significant investment!
  • Choose social networks tailored to the target audience. It is better to focus on one or two social networks, rather than spreading news on too many channels.
  • Identify the accounts that can be used to relay information: Twitter account of the organizers, official Facebook page,...
  • Make use of all the tools available to highlight your content on social networks (hashtags on Twitter..)
  • Engage the community on the social networks by announcing the participation of the brand at the show.
During the time of the event, it is particularly important to remain active on selected social media. Actions can take several forms:
  • Adapt your content to fit to the "culture" of the social network.
  • Interact with users and relay their own content.
  • Retain customers by offering specific content about the show or event,
  • Use social media to increase the number of physical visits (check-ins via Swarm).
Social networks can also be used to initiate a long-term relationship with Internet users who have followed the company during the event
  • Publish content related to the show or event: photos, reports, special offers around a product presented at the event
  • Get new subscribers on social networks.
To review the statistics of social networks during the event and the return on investment:

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