Notepad++ - How to connect to FTP servers

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Notepad++ - How to connect to FTP servers

THe NppFTP plugin integrated into Notepad++ allows connection to FTP servers. You can thus edit all your files stored on the FTP server.

Open the NppFTP plugin

  • Click on the Plugins menu > NppFTP > Show NppFTP Window

Create a Profile

  • Click on "Profile settings":
  • Create your profiles by entering the credentials (FTP server):
    • Hostname: Domain Name.
    • Connection Type: FTP.
    • Port: 21.
    • Username: Username.
    • Password: password.


  • You can create several profiles!
  • Once done, click on the Profile menu and select a profile:
  • You can directly edit any compatible files (.txt, .html) stored on your FTP server, using Notepad ++.


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