How to insert a Creative Commons license into a webpage

How to insert a Creative Commons license into a webpage

Creative Commons licenses (abbreviated CC) offer a simple solution to define under what conditions your creations can be reused.
The advantages of using Creative Commons licenses;
  • Human readable.
  • Can be adapted to the jurisdiction of each country.
  • Give appropriate credit to the author.

Here's how to insert a CC license in a web page:

Choosing a license

  • This page allows you to select the criteria for the reusability of your work.
  • The mini-questionnaire will help you to choose appropriate license:
  • Choose the shape of the logo (Compact or Normal) and then retrieve the HTML code.

Insert the code into your web page:

It is advisable use the code in a
<div style="text-align:center">...</div> 
  • Once integrated, the CC license will look like this:

  • When a user clicks on the CC logo, the CC license will be displayed:


A dedicated search engine to search for content under the CC license:
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