How to Repair your Windows 7 MBR (Master Boot Record)

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Step by step on how to repair your windows 7 MBR

1. Boot your computer to the Windows 7 DVD (or to a "Repair CD"). At this screen choose to install now.

2. Select your language and click next.

3. Click the button for "Use recovery tools".

4. Then select "Command Prompt".

5. When open, the command prompt will look like this:

6. The command we will use, bootsect.exe, is in a folder (named boot) on the DVD.
We need to know what drive letter has been assigned the DVD drive to access the folder.

Type: diskpart
and press Enter

Type: select disk 0 (zero)
and press Enter

type: list volume
and press Enter

In this screen shot, the 7 DVD is letter: G

7. Use your DVD drive letter and

Type: exit
and press Enter

to close Diskpart

Type: G: (use the letter of your DVD drive)
and press Enter

Type: cd boot
and press Enter

Type: dir
and press Enter

to verify that bootcect.exe is there (if you really need to)

8. To restore the "bootsector code":

TYPE: bootsect /nt60 SYS /mbr
and press Enter

If this fails to restore the MBR, use Bootrec /FIXBOOT command
According to Microsoft here is what Bootrec /FIXBOOT does:
"This option writes a new boot sector to the system partition by using a boot sector that's compatible with Windows Vista or Windows 7"

9. When completed successfully,
Type: exit
and press Enter

This will close the command prompt window.
10. Now select Shut Down or Restart

11. Then you can reboot your computer into Windows.

Use Bootrec.exe in the Windows RE to troubleshoot startup issues

Thank you to MaxSmart for this How-to.
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