10 tools to complement your experience on Twitter

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10 tools to complement your experience on Twitter

Twitter the microblogging platform is characterized by simplicity and minimalist inteface. As such Twitter limited to the main functions. You are in need for some additional features? Don't worry, there are many tools to complement the functionality of Twitter:
  • Mobile applications.
  • Third-party sites.
  • Browser extensions.


Surprisingly one of the main features of Twitter is also the one which is most lacking, namely the classic retweet. It was indeed invented by the users and allows you to forward a tweet by preceding the later by RT, followed by the name of the author (@username).
Compared to the use of the Retweet button, by using the above method:
  • You can put forward the name of the original author.
  • You can add your own comments.

Making a copy/paste of the original text can be tedious, as Twitter display the URL in a shortened form. The ideal method to make classic retweets is to use a browser extension: Classic Retweet.


Twitter users always try to maintain the ratio of subscribers (followers) and subscriptions (Following). Unfortunately it may happens that some users unsubscribe from your accounts, without your knowledge. How to get a list of users who do not follow you anymore? Here's some apps based on the Twitter API, that gives you access to such information or display notifications when such event occurs:


Each subscriber has its own particular habits. Depending on the type of information you post, the age group of your subscribers, their country of origin, the time at which they are most receptive can vary from completely. Tools like Tweriod allows you to analyze the behavior of your subscribers and thus determine the best course of action (the best time of day to publish your tweets).

Larry filter

Filter your timeline with Larry filter!
When following a large number of subscriptions, it's for better or for worse. You don't want to have the tweets from particular accounts displayed on your timeline?
You don't need to unfollow these people, Larry Filter is the extension (for Chrome and Firefox) you need!. It allows to define filters (keywords-based) that helps to "clean" your timeline.

Web Notifications

The interest of the using the Twitter mobile apps (iOS, Android) is the push notifications system that display notifications for:
  • new subscriber.
  • new private message.
  • someone mentions you in a tweet.

To get notifications about new events on your Twitter account, you can use the following browser extensions:

Customizing your Twitter account

You can use images to customize your profile or tweets. However you need to consider the following aspects:
  • Cover photo: 1500x421 pixels
  • Profile picture: 500x500 pixels
  • Images in tweets: 420x220 pixels

There is a convenient and free online tool to prepare your images for Twitter: https://www.canva.com/

Multi-Account Management

Twitter was designed to handle one account at a time, but the community managers may have to manage simultaneous account. The QuickTweet browser extension allows you to easily switch from one account to another.

Schedule your tweets

Scheduling the post of tweets is easy thanks to the Buffer, a third-party solutions based on the Twitter API.

Easy sharing

Most websites have Share buttons to easily share content on your social profiles. For websites that do not have one, you can use "Share On Twitter", a small extension for Firefox and Chrome:

Get a minimalist interface

Get a simpler interface, with the Twipster extension. Twipster can remove most of the element of Twitter's interface, leaving only the timeline.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is the complete list of keyboard shortcuts:
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