TweetDeck - How to mute tweets

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TweetDeck - How to mute tweets

A short tutorial on how to mute tweets on TweetDeck, which can be very useful when dealing with a large volume of tweets/retweets on a daily basis.

TweetDeck allows you to mute tweets:
  • From specific users
  • Containing specific keywords
  • From specific sources

The procedure is as follows:
  • Connect to TweetDeck.
  • Click on the Cog icon > Settings.
  • Go to Mute.
  • Click on the Mute field and choose one of the available options:
    • Text content - mute tweets containing specific keywords.
    • User - mute tweets from a specific user.
    • Source - mute tweets from a specific source.
  • Enter your keywords, source or username in the Using field.
  • Click on Mute > Done.

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