Easily cut your MP3 songs

MP3DirectCut is a popular freeware that is used to edit MP3 files without affecting the original audio quality. MP3 audio files can be edited and used for MP3 mobile ringtones, make remixes of the original audio file and create new tracks from older ones. The software runs on any operating system. Cutting MP3 songs with MP3DirectCut is easy with the superior quality user-friendly graphical user interface. Another popular software that allows the cutting of MP3 songs, is Audacity. Before installing Audacity, the LAME MP3 library has to be installed to export creations in the software to MP3 format.


  • Mp3DirectCut is a freeware that allows the editing of MP3 files. You can cut your favorite music track in smaller segments without losing in sound quality. Mp3DirectCut is an easy to use software with a streamlined graphical interface:


  • Download and install Audacity, but do not run it. You must first install the LAME MP3 library that will export your creations in to the MP3 format.
  • Extract the archive with your favorite decompression software and cut and paste the "lame_enc.dll" file for example in C:\Program Files\Audacity\plugins if you installed the program using the default options.
  • Launch Audacity and then open the music you want to cut (File>Open)
  • Press the Play button and set the starting/ending point.
  • Then click on Edit > Copy.
  • Open a new project (File > New) and paste your selection in the new window.
  • Click on File> Export the file as MP3.
  • Choose a filename and the destination folder of your new MP3 track.

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