E-commerce: How to choose a Live Chat solution for your website

Live chat solutions are increasingly being used on on e-commerce, corporate or institutional websites. For e-commerce websites, live chat has also become a way to guide customers in their purchases and increase the conversion rate.

Whether its for customers or prospects, BtoB or BtoC, how does this solution meets the new expectations and new challenges? What are the challenges? How to set up a live chat service and how to choose a suitable solution? According to a study conducted by the FEVAD (fédération du e-commerce et de la vente à distance) in January 2015, e-commerce is on the rise.: an increase of 11% in terms of online purchase and increased of 15% in the number of transactions.
Source: http://www.fevad.com/espace-presse/bilan-annuel-du-e-commerce-en-france-les-francais-ont-depense-57-milliards-d-euros-sur-internet-en-2014
This study also highlight the interest of internet users for mobile commerce and market places. In 2014, the number of purchases made from a mobile support (tablet or smartphone) increased by 60%. A real time online customer service or live chat aims to meet the expectations of consumers who require an immediate answer or solution.
A CCM Benchmark study in 2013 showed that 58% of companies that have adopted this type of solution considers that they improve their quality of service. 39% noticed an increase in the conversion rate for the concerned products.

It proposes a technical response to several challenges for e-commerce site. This concerns both prospects and customers.

Increase sales:
- Guide customers in their purchase.
- Ideal tool to convince reluctant customers.
- Establishment of a personal relationship between the seller and the buyer.

Meet customer management issues:
- A platform to respond to customer queries (delivery, service ....).
- Maintain the relationship with the customer after the purchase.
- Providing a personalized service using a CRM solution.
Setting up an online chat solution simplifies the relationship with the client or prospect: they can request information on the service or product without leaving the site. The purchase process is enhanced and as well experience of the client or prospect with the brand. The choice of the live chat solution will vary according to the objectives of the company or the brand.
These objectives must be defined first:
  • Provide user assistance on the website.
  • Reduce costs relating to customer service.
  • Improve customer satisfaction (manage claims).
Live chat services can be implemented:
  • Click to call: also called Web Call Back, allows the user to leave telephone number to be called back for free.
  • Click to chat: it offers the user to ask a question via a chat window.
  • Video chat: full video conference support, where the user has a privileged relationship with the counselor.

Several live chat solutions can meet business goals (CRM solutions or SaaS solutions): The implementation of this type of solution requires training of counsellors/advisors. Several points need to be monitored to maintain a high quality of service:
- Response time - facilitate fast/reactive trade.
- Level of response - tone, spelling, proximity to the users,..
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