Window s 8 - Compatibility issues when installing a graphic card on a UEFI motherboard

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Window s 8 - Compatibility issues when installing a graphic card on a UEFI motherboard

After installing a graphics card on your Windows 8 PC (with the UEFI active), the system won't boot or the screen goes black.
Here are the instructions to manually disable secure boot:
The above mentioned issues happens when a graphic card is installed on:
-A motherboard UEFI enabled (in the BIOS).
-A Windows 8 PC with Secure Boot enabled.

UEFI is a new system functionality (BIOS option) equipping most of the new motherboards. UEFI is required for the Secure Boot feature of Windows 8. Secure Boot is enabled by default on Windows 8 PCs.
To avoid compatibility issues, you must first disable secure boot feature of Windows 8 and then install your new graphics card.
NB: Some BIOS systems include a feature called compatibility startup, that can detect microcodes does not have the UEFI functionality. The user can thus disable secure boot and switch to compatibility mode.
Instructions to manually disable secure boot:
(1) Shut down the computer
(2) Remove the graphics card
(3) Start the system using the default hardware configuration (using the integrated graphics or your old graphics card)
(4) Access the CMOS settings.
CMOS settings can usually be achieved during startup by pressing the F1, F2, F8, F12, or Delete key.
If you are having difficulty accessing the BIOS/UEFI, read this:
(5) Toggle Secure Boot off
(6) If the option exists, enable the CSM (or compatibility mode activated)
(7) Save the new settings
(8) Turn off the computer
(9) Install the graphics card
(10)The system should start normally.
NB: Not all graphics cards support the UEFI mode. If the manufacturer can not provide updates, you have to work in compatibility mode.
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