HowTo - Use iPod Touch and iPhone as storage drive

In general iPod users know that some iPod models can be used like an USB-Stick. You will even find a “HowTo” concerning this possibility of iPod usage on the official Apple support page.

In contrast, iPhone and iPod Touch cannot be used as a storage drive, or at least only by using apps from the iTunes Store in combination with third party software. Devices (iPhone and iTouch) with Jailbreak can now use USB Drive to serve as USB-Stick and won’t need further software from third party developers anymore.

You need:

“USB Drive” creates partitions on your iPhone or iPod Touch which can be used as free disk space. The app runs in default mode and needs to restart if you want to switch the mode.

The 3 available modes are:

  • Drive + iTunes: USB function and simultaneously useable with iTunes
  • Default: Not useable as storage drive
  • Drive only: Runs as storage drive, but not with iTunes

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