Getting started on Pinterest - Boards, Pins,....

March 2018

Getting started on Pinterest - Boards, Pins,....

Pinterest is a social network focusing on visual content, such as images, photos and videos. It has become very popular in a short time and already has earned its place on the Web.
The uniqueness of this social network is that users organized their content (pins) in a special layout, also known as boards. Boards can cover several topics, themes or categories such as fashion, sports, photography, decor, landscapes, ...etc.
This small guide intends on helping you to master the concept of boards and pins:

How to create boards and pin content?

Boards allows you to group pins by categories. Pins are pictures or videos, that can be:
  • Imported from other boards.
  • Uploaded from your PC.
  • Imported from a website.

Before publishing content on Pinterest, you first need to create a board:
  • Open the Pinterest app
  • Tap on the Profile menu
  • Tap on Boards > Create Board.
  • Give a name to your board and click on Create.
  • Now that your board has been created, its time to add some content to it!
  • Tap on the seach field to search for new pins.
  • Tap to expand a pin.
  • Tap on the PinIt button to add the picture to one of your boards:
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