How To - Manage your iPod and iPhone without iTunes

iPod and iPhone are the most popular music players all over the world due to their unmatched quality. Many people used to buy them just for the sake of their clear sound, great design and awesome output. There are many applications of various types available with iPod and iPhone, and all are popular due to their own credentials. We can't imagine an iPod or iPhone without those apps. iTunes is such an app, although Copy Trans Manager can be termed in parallel to it in all respects. After downloading and installing in the system, first it has to be launched and the device connection needs to be checked out. It has features like copy videos, audio books, podcasts, music on your iPod or in iPad.

Free iTunes alternative CopyTrans Manager

1.) Download and installation
Download from: Installer or zip file (for advanced users). The zip file can be stored directly on your iPod (except iPhone and iTouch).

2.) First launch and device connection
By double-clicking on exe (extracted from zip archive) or on the product name in the Control Centre (installer), you can launch CopyTrans Manager. By connecting your iPod with your PC now, its content will be listed in the CopyTrans Manager Application window.

Note: To avoid conflicts between iTunes and CopyTrans Manager, the two should not run at the same time (advisable for all iTunes alternatives).

3.) Features: Copy videos, films, podcasts, audio-books, ringtones and music on your iPod
Use the right mouse button menu or click on the iPod "+" symbol to add videos, podcasts, audio-books, ringtones and music to your iPod or iPhone. You can also drag and drop music from your desktop directly to your device.

Create iPod playlists
With one click on the small plus in the playlist pane (column on the left hand side) you can create playlists directly on your iPod/iPhone. You can populate the new and existing ones by Drag and Drop.

Delete and remove iPod tracks
With CopyTrans Manager you can remove or delete iPod Touch tracks quickly and easily. You can remove tracks from playlists while keeping them on your device, or delete tracks and playlists definitively from your iPod and iPhone. To do so, use the iPod "e;X"e; button or the right mouse button menu.

Clicking iPod button with the X you will delete the selected tracks definitively from your iPod library.

To remove a whole playlist, use the small minus or the right mouse button in the playlist pane.

Edit meta tags such as artist, album or genre
To edit ID3-Tags you can use CopyTrans Manager's built in Tag-Editor. Open the Tag-Editor by clicking on the button with the pencil. You can also edit this information by clicking directly on the name in the track-explorer:

Add artwork directly on iPod or iPhone
You can use the built-in Tag-Editor or choose the option "edit artwork" available in the mouse right button menu.

Synchronize iPod & iPhone
With CopyTrans Manager you have two iPod or iPhone synchronization options.

1) Apply all changes instantly or
2) Apply all changes manually by clicking "Update"

You can adjust this option in the settings tab.

Install your free iTunes alternative directly onto iPod (except iTouch and iPhone)
CopyTrans Manager is a super light iPod manager and can be installed directly onto your iPod or a USB-Stick. This allows you to take your iPod software with you and use it on any PC you want. Furthermore, CopyTrans Manager does not bind your device to one library like iTunes.

If you want to try this free iTunes alternative, either use the installer to install the Control Centre, or the zip folder to install the program directly onto your iPod or USB stick. If you choose the zip folder please note that the .exe and .ris files need to be extracted to the same folder:

That's it - a short "HowTo" on managing iPod without iTunes using the free application CopyTrans Manager from the WindSolutions team. You will find further information and the installation files on the CopyTrans page.

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