LinkedIn - How to publish articles with the Pulse aggregator

LinkedIn - How to publish articles with the Pulse aggregator

While LinkedIn has become essential platform for the online job search, the social network remains the channel of choice for professionals wishing to develop BtoB relationships or improve their online visibility. The Pulse application which was limited to influencers is now open to all contributors. It allows them to share their articles while enjoying a good visibility on the social network. How does the Pulse application works? What are its advantages and limitations? How can a contributor post an article on LinkedIn and in what form?

Learn more about Pulse

A content aggregator integrated to LinkedIn

Pulse is primarily a content aggregator. The application was acquired by LinkedIn in April 2013. It provides an interface dedicated to the management of professional news. The articles are listed in the following catergories: the most read articles, articles by the influencers, articles classified by themes,.... Pulse also aggregates articles written by users belonging to your network. The interface can be customized according to your interests and interests can be grouped by theme!

A publication platform for influencers

Pulse also offers a publication platform for the contributors and influencers on LinkedIn.
  • Please note: the influencers are indicated by a "IN" blue icon.

The publishing platform is now open to contributors. They can publish an article which will be highlighted on the social network. These publications gain several benefits, particularly in terms of audience and reputation.
LinkedIn brings together 93 million active users worldwide and offers several advantages:
  • An easy linking between professionals.
  • An interface that emphasizes knowledge, skills and experience
  • A media for the valuation of the company
  • A steady evolution of sales opportunities (Sales Navigator)

===What advantages to using Pulse?====
The authors currently using Pulse can promote their expertise, experience or special skills:
  • Position as an expert on a particular topic.
  • Take advantage of good visibility in the community.
  • Develop your network by attracting new subscribers.
  • Redirect users a professional blog or site (with links from the article).

What are the challenges and limitations?

Using Pulse as a publishing medium may pose some limitations:
  • The content is not hosted on a personal or company blog.
  • The opening of the platform to all contributors will see an increase in the number of publications (items will be less and less visible).

How to publish an article with Pulse?

Publication options are displayed in the banner on the newsfeed on LinkedIn. In the event that the Pulse publishing platform is not yet available, only the first two options will be offered.
  • Share an update
  • Upload a photo.
  • Publish an article.
  • Click on "Publish an article" to open the publication interface.
  • Enter a title for the article
  • You can add tags and media (photos and videos) to your articles
    • NB: Pulse recommends the addition of a large photograph (size 698 x 400 pixels).

As for a blog post, some good practices can be observed:
- Improve the readability of your article by highlighting the text (bold, italics,..).
- Use of h1 and h2 tags for SEO
- Integration of additional visual elements (images and video).
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