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Vista - How to fix missing CD-ROM/ DVD DRIVE

When the Windows Vista OS is updated or a program is installed or uninstalled, the CD/ DVD drive may not be seen in My Computer. The problem of the missing CD-ROM/ DVD drive in Windows Vista can be fixed. Firstly, through the method of System Restore, the system can be restored to the date when the changes were made that created the missing drive. Secondly, the drivers can be removed and then reinstalled. This problem can happen due to corrupt registry entries and hence fixing them can also solve this problem.


Your CD/DVD drive isn't appearing on "Computer", this sometimes happens when you have just installed or uninstalled a program. It may also be because you updated Windows Vista.


System Restore

To roll back these changes you can try restoring the system. To do this:
  • Click the Start or Vista icon then type "System Restore" in the "Start Search" field
  • Press Enter then click Open to give permission to open System Restore
  • On "Recommended Restore" select a Restore point
  • Click on "Next" to proceed
  • Click on "Finish"

This will restore your system to a previous date, before the changes were made
  • Restart the computer and check you can see your drive

Remove and reinstall drivers

You can also try to remove and to reinstall the drive's drivers:
  • Right click on "Computer" from the Start menu
  • Select "Properties"
  • On the Task options on your left, click on "Device Manager"
  • Expand "DVD/CD-Rom drives"
  • Right click on it, click "Uninstall"
  • Then press "OK" to confirm
  • Restart the computer, which will automatically install the drivers


Sometimes this is due to some corrupted registry entries, which can be fixed easily. Try this:
  • Click the Start or Vista icon then type "regedit" in the "Start Search" field
  • Press Enter
  • Press "Continue"
  • Search this:
  • On your right look for "Lower filters" and click on it
  • In the top left, right click on "Edit" and delete
  • Do same for "Upper filters" and close the window
  • Restart the computer
  • Your drivers will be automatically installed

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